The Original

With lyrics and music based on food, this is the ideal starter for young people and adults alike. Easy songs which will help you warm up and extend your voice and range, this is a fun way to start exploring, using and taming your voice!

For grown-ups

Not saying how old you have to be, but this set of exercises is based on Shakespeare's words. It explores the same ground as the food exercises, but with a slightly higher start point. 

Church Singers

Many churches and congregations are crying out for good music leaders - why not become one of them? These exercises use scriptural words, and will build your singing accuracy and confidence as well. 

The Little Book of Singing Exercises is a new set of short, accessible but challenging exercises to help you and your teacher take control of your singing voice. The words for the exercises are based around food - and in particular the sort of food that young people enjoy - so there is no problem with engaging with them!

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