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The books aim to provide simple exercises for singers to use to warm up with, and to extend their singing technique.

The Food Songs book contains references to a wide selection of foods.

[Author’s note: Why food? Because these songs are pretty much intended for young people, and if there’s one thing which interests young people, it’s food! And stimulated, engaged people sing with more passion.]

We have tried to keep the selection of foods as general as possible, and in teaching situations it is common to change some of the words to suit a young person’s likes and dislikes. [That said, some of the food words are chosen to illustrate certain vowel/consonant techniques.] We’ve tried to include meat and vegetarian options (even burgers can span a wide range of ingredients!) and to be sensitive to cultural requirements.

The Adults book covers similar ground to the Food book, but with more complicated songs. The words in this book are by Shakespeare and other classic English poets. All have been chosen to be suitable for young people and adults (and some young people’s feedback has been that they’ve been able to quote them in English exams without any revision!).

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We have opened up this site for everyone as a way of keeping singing teaching going during the Coronavirus shutdown; once the virus is gone and a normal teaching schedule resumes, we may remove the book downloads.

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